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About Festival

Brezoiul Lumii

In the natural frame Țurtudan foothills, some of the most interesting artists of blues, blues-rock, jazz, fusion, soul, gospel and funk from all over the world get together. Throughout the 3 editions, we had the privilege of watching over 90 performances of great Romanian and international artists - Beth Hart, ANA Popovic, Oscar Benton, EB Davis & The Superband, Jonathon Boogie Long, Erja Lyytinen, A.G. Weinberger, Leon Beal & Sax Gordon, Louis King, Jackie Venson, Marcian Petrescu and the Night Train, Mike Godoroja & Blue Spirit, Marius Mihalache, Layla Zoe, Khalif Wailin Walter, Platonic Band, Blue Family & Ana Radzic, Nightlosers, Adi Barar Band, Trans-express and many more.

From a bold dream and a seemingly random discussion, OABFB has grown and now transcends musical and cultural tastes, communities, ages and generations, places, nationalities, countries and continents.

From Brezoi Local became #BrezoiulLumii. But, behind the appearances, the incipient discussion was already the result of 13 years of hard work by the Mentor Rock Foundation, which, during all this time, has stubbornly shown that Vâlcea is a place worthwhile and where you can invest in bringing quality live music. It was already the result of the work of a local administration that knows that development means not only basic infrastructure, but first and foremost education. Education that occurs through culture.

At Țuțurdan foothills we weave a special story together

Considered the festival with one of the most spectacular locations, Open Air Blues Festival Brezoi represents more than a series of blues concerts. A mini holiday with tent or caravan in the heart of Vâlcii mountains, on Valea Lotrului, a complete festival experience with unique and varied recreational activities, with good music and beautiful people gathered together in a natural dream setting, a small community of people united by the same values.

At Open Air Blues Festival Brezoi, your well-being shall surround you with sounds. We invite you to enjoy every moment, every experience, to catch flowers in your hair, to laugh, to sing and dance barefoot in the grass while your feet hold you, with beautiful people like you.