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What is Open Air Blues Festival Brezoi?
Blues festival organized in July in the city of Brezoi in Vâlcea County. It represents a vacation of 6 days and 6 nights in the heart of the mountains from Valcea County, on Lotru river valley, a complete experience with good music, beautiful people gathered together in natural dream-like surroundings, a small community of people united by the same values.

What is #BrezoiulLumii?
#BrezoiulLumii is the beautiful community that has formed around this festival. 


Where can I buy access tickets?

 Access tickets can be purchased from here: You Only Live Once!

With the ticket in electronic format, you present yourself at the access gate, and there your ticket will be scanned and in return, you will receive a bracelet that gives you access to the festival. The bracelet must be worn throughout the festival.


How much will the entrance tickets cost?
At this moment, only 6-day tickets are available, for the entire period of the festival.

The current price is the best price at which you can purchase the access ticket.

The price categories are differentiated only by costs. The offers with the lowest price are valid for a certain period of time. After the exhaustion of each price category, only the offers with a higher price will remain valid. The idea in short, the earlier you buy the ticket, the less you pay.

How much is a children's ticket?
Access for minors under 13 is free throughout the festival, both at concerts and in the camping area, only if they are accompanied by a parent or legal or conventional representative, valid ticket holder and in full compliance with the provisions of the Regulation. See the full Regulation. Download Minor Parental Consent Statement.

Do people with disabilities benefit from any discount?
People with certified disabilities have free access with or without a companion, based on a VALID certificate and identity card. The companion of the disabled person is obliged to present the documents issued by the state institution which certifies with no doubt that he has this quality.

Is the camping included in the general access pass?
The camping isn't included in the general access pass. For the camping area, each person must present a camping access ticket. There are two types of camping tickets: caravan and tent access tickets.

Can you buy tickets at the entrance to the festival?
Only if there is still availability. Check the ticketing sites or follow the communications on the festival's Instagram and Facebook pages.

How much does parking cost?
Parking is free.

Are there any age restrictions?
No. "Old souls" or young souls, #BrezoiulLumii welcomes us all.


When and how is access to the festival made? What about the camping area?
Access to the festival is allowed starting with 16th of July, 2024, for the camping area access is allowed starting with 15th of July, 2024.
Access to the festival area is made exclusively at the specially arranged entrance, after the validity of the tickets has been verified.

Where do I get my bracelet?
Holders of festival season tickets are asked to exchange their season ticket with an access bracelet and to wear it permanently during the 6 days of the event from the specially arranged points at the entrance to the festival.

Can I come in and out of the festival whenever I want?
Yes, only if you have an access bracelet. Every time you enter the festival, your security check will be done.

When does the festival end?
After the party on the night of 21th of July.

What is the deadline for releasing the camping area?
22th of July.


Will body control be done at the entrance?
YES. It's for your safety and ours, everyone's.

Is there a list of allowed objects and actions?
YES. They are ALLOWED:

  • pets based on the affidavit for the pet
  • strollers, prams, baby carriers
  • backpacks, handbags, purses, hand luggage, bags, but not larger than 29cm x 21cm x 12cm
  • binoculars
  • folding chairs
  • beds, towels
  • compact cameras
  • cigarettes, electronic cigarettes
  • headphones
  • go-pros
  • napkins
  • hand sanitizer in small containers and wet wipes
  • raincoats
  • hats, caps, bandanas, armbands, scarves, shawls
  • lipsticks, make-up
  • phones and chargers
  • sunscreen
  • sunglasses
  • empty glass or cardboard glasses at the entrance
  • medicines, insulin, asthma spray
  • smiles, noisy laughter


  • tents
  • sleeping bags, blankets, pillows, isoprene, self-inflating mattresses
  • canned food, drink, water

Can I really bring my dog?
Access with pets is allowed based on the Pet Statement of Responsibility, as long as they do not disturb other festival participants. The owner of the pet assumes sole responsibility for the animal and its actions throughout the festival. The pet must always be pleasant with the identification data of the owner.

Can I bring my pills / inhaler, etc.?
YES. Please bring a document from your doctor.

What is the weather at Brezoi? Should I take thick clothes or not?
The festival takes place in Brezoi, on the banks of the Lotru River, at the foot of Turțudan. The climate is wonderful. We recommend that you bring a raincoat, as there have been short, summer rains every year. In the evening, a thicker shirt or jacket will fit you well.


Is there a list of prohibited objects and actions?

  • rollers, bicycles, skateboards, hooverboards
  • cameras, professional or semi-professional cameras, drones
  • bottles, umbrellas, bulky luggage
  • selfie sticks, flags, laser pointer
  • chains, sticks
  • sharp objects, knives, weapons
  • flammable or pyrotechnic materials, sprays, fireworks, fumigants
  • vuvuzelas
  • water, food, soft drinks or alcoholic beverages
  • prohibited substances
  • any objects and actions that may cause fire or endanger the integrity of other attendants
  • commercial, advertising activities
  • demonstrations, rallies of any kind
  • share of leaflets

*The organizer may decide to allow access to the festival area to persons whose health condition requires the use of some of the mentioned objects and can prove this through documents issued by the practitioner or attending physician.


  • camping stoves, cylinders, fuel canisters
  • access by car to the camping area
  • campfire

What does a professional camera mean?
Professional camera means any camera with detachable lenses or DSLR.

Can I promote my business by handing out leaflets in the festival area?
Unfortunately, no. Advertising actions are allowed only to the sponsors and partners of the festival.




A100% cashless event! As part of a comfortable, cashless system, you will pay for food, drinks and other products using your FESTIVAL payment card.
Take your mind off the cash, focus on the important things these days – fun and friends. All with blues festival vibes!
You can pick up a FESTIVAL payment card at the loading points (𝐓𝐎𝐏-𝐔𝐏 𝐏𝐎𝐈𝐍𝐓) indicated within the festival. You can load the card using cash or bank card. 
Consider that:
- At bars or vendors you will not be able to pay with cash or card, only the FESTIVAL payment card is accepted (except for merch stands).
- You can load this card with any amount, because you will be able to withdraw what you have not spent. You can make a refund from any TOP-UP POINT until 00:00, every day of the event.
- You can check your card balance at any top-up point or at any vendor and don't worry if you run out of credit - you can load again with cash or a card at any TOP-UP POINT!
- Take care of the payment card. The organizer does not take responsibility for the things you lose in the perimeter of the festival, including the payment card.

 It is possible to pay with the card or by cash the general access pass or ticket purchased on the spot, at the entrance to the festival.

Where is the nearest ATM / cash machine?
At the entrance to the Brezoi City Hall building (approximately 400 m from the entrance to the festival).


Do I have to bring my tent / caravan or can I find one at Brezoi? You bring the tents and the caravans. Every person requesting entry into the camping area must have a camping ticket, whether it is for tent camping or caravan camping.

Can I choose my place in the camping?
We're sorry, but no. We will choose for you, so that we optimize the space and be good for everyone. :)

Can I drive to the camping?
Not. You can leave the car in the parking nearby.

What facilities are there in the camping area?
The camping areas for tents and caravans are fenced, with 24/24 security, illuminated at night, equipped with toilets and showers, power stations, free WiFi and sports field.  The the tent campsite is about a 2-minute walk from the festival, in a beautiful natural park, a capacity of approximately 500 units (tents).. The caravan camping area is adjacent and has a capacity of approximately 100 units (caravans). Not only a location that offers the necessary facilities for a comfortable stay during the festival, but also a community, a playground for young and old, full of life, but civilized and orderly at the same time.

Can I bring food, water or drink to the camping?

Am I allowed to grill?
No, and you don't have to.  You've come to have fun, so it's better to indulge in the grill areas and the dining or coffee areas and enjoy yourself a bit. You deserve!

Open fire is prohibited in the campsite.

Can I come by bike?
Yes. You can bring it to the camping area, but you shall not be able to take it with you to the concert area.  A beautiful cycling route with a length of 15 km passes right next to the festival area.

Can I bring my guitar, harmonica, drums, etc.?
Yeah. If it's time to rest on campus, be careful not to ruin the peace of others. You can come to the after party and show us what you know.

Can I make a campfire?
Unfortunately no. As fun as it is, we don't want to risk anyone's safety.



What accommodation options are there?

If you don't want camping with tent or caravan, you can look for accommodation to Brezoi with locals or in the inns and hotels in the area. You are at 17 km distance from Călimănești - Căciulata (approximately 18 minutes by car); 22 km from Mălaia (approx. 24 minutes by car), 36 km from Voineasa and Rm. Vâlcea (38 minutes), 69 km from Sibiu (one hour by car). Check availability at hotels in the area and check out Airbnb as well.

During the festival, there will be a regular, sufficient and well-organized public transport system on the Brezoi-Calimanesti-Caciulata route.

Accommodation at Brezoi area and surroundings. Where do I send room availability?
You can post the availability of the rooms on the facebook groups: Oameni care merg la Open Air Blues Festival Brezoi și Open Air Blues Festival Brezoi - Vâlcea Fans and Cazare Brezoi

What transport options to and from the festival are there?
Road and rail public transport on the route Rm Vâlcea - Brezoi - Călimăneșți - Sibiu; cabs, ride-sharing.

If you come by car and you still have seats available, let us know on Facebook! Maybe bring other beautiful people to Brezoi. Surely you will have a lot of topics to discuss. Start with the blues :)


I am an artist and I want to play at Brezoi? What do I have to do?
You can send a presentation e-mail to in order to consider the representation for future editions. The line-up for 2024 is already complete.

I have a food truck / I want to sell products at the festival. How can I find out more details?
Send a presentation e-mail to We will contact you.

I'm a media representative. How do I get accreditation?
We will communicate the accreditation procedure soon.

I'm a photographer. How do I get accreditation?
We will communicate the accreditation procedure soon.

I'm a volunteer. How can I help?
We'll let you know soon. Thank you for being with us!

I really liked the festival and I would like to support it. How can I become a sponsor / partner?

Thanks for the appreciation! You can send an e-mail to and we will contact you to establish the details.