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When you say Open Air Blues Festival Brezoi, you say more than blues concerts with famous national and international artists. When you say #BrezoilLumii you mean the unbelievable natural frame from Țuțurdan foothills and the community that enjoys a full experience over the course of 6 days and 6 nights.


If you also heard of the famous after parties of Brezoi, then you will certainly not want to waste time making trips between hotel or pension and festival, but you will want to stay and enjoy all day and all night with us.

The camping areas for tents and caravans are fenced, guarded 24/24 hours, illuminated at night, equipped with toilets and showers, power stations, free WiFi, sports field and children's playground. Also, the camping area will have terraces where you could serve a meal or enjoy your favorite coffee and cocktails.

You are allowed to bring sleeping bags, beds, pillows, isoprene, self-inflating mattresses, cans, drink, water. You can also bring your guitar, harmonica or other playing instruments. Bicycle access is allowed in the camping area.

The camping area is about a 4-minute walk from the festival, in a beautiful natural park.



You have to bring the tent. It doesn't matter how big it is or how many people it houses. Everyone will have to buy an access ticket to the camping area. You will set up the tent on the grass in the indicated place. You can do this starting with the day before the festival. You may leave the car in the specially arranged parking lot. Parking is free.



The area reserved for caravans has 100 seats.

You have to bring the caravan. It doesn't matter its size, its type or how many people it hosts. Everyone will have to buy an access ticket to the camping area. You will camp the caravan in the indicated place, starting with the day before the festival.