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Access to the festival will be based on the ticket or general access pass purchased from one of the partner ticketing agencies.

Each ticket or general pass provides access to one person to the festival. The exception is the promotional packages with the access rule for several people. In this case, the holders are conditioned by the presentation at the same time of all the persons who will have access to it, because the ticket will be scanned only once for all persons. We reserve the right to organize promotions at any time and to promote them on our social channels.

Holders of festival season tickets must exchange their general access pass with an access bracelet and wear it permanently the entire period of the event. The bracelets are not replaced in case of intentional removal or destruction. Minors will receive bracelets of a different color.

Access to the festival area is made exclusively at the specially arranged entrance, after the validity of the tickets has been verified.

For access to the campsite, special tickets are purchased, separately from the festival tickets. Each person must have an access ticket to the campsite. There are 2 types of camping tickets: caravan access tickets and tent access tickets. Access to the camping area is allowed one day before the first day of the festival and one day after the last day of the festival. The organizer does not provide caravans or tents and also does not provide security for personal belongings. Only the access area is guarded.

Access for minors under 13 years of age is free throughout the festival, only if they are accompanied by a parent / legal or conventional representative holding a valid ticket and in full compliance with the provisions of the Regulation. See the full RegulationDonwload Minor Parental Consent Statement.  

The free of charge also includes access to the camping area. At the request of the organizer or security officers, the attendant is required to present the birth certificate and / or a document with a picture of the minor. It is mandatory for an adult to assume responsibility for the minor, based on the declaration without which the minor will not be allowed access to the Festival, regardless of whether or not he / she has a companion. We recommend leaving the data of the parent or attendant on the minor (phone number, name, address), in order to facilitate the reunion in case of getting lost or for use in emergencies.

Participants under the age of 18 must download, complete and submit the statement attesting to parental consent.

People with certified disabilities have free access with or without a companion, based on a VALID certificate and identity card. The companion of the disabled person is obliged to present the documents issued by the state institution which certifies without denial that he has this quality.

The organizer does not assume responsibility for the verification of signatures, respectively for how to sign the statements, these aspects remain the responsibility of the persons submitting the statements.

The attendants have the obligation to have identity documents on them throughout the festival and to present them at the request of the organizer or its partners.



The organizer reserves the right to conduct promotions, raffles and contests for tickets to the festival. These will take place for limited periods, under special conditions that will be communicated on the communication channels on the occasion of each action of this type.




  • pets based on the pet Statement of Responsibility (click to download)
  • backpacks, handbags, purses, hand luggage, bags, but not larger than 29cm x 21cm x 12cm
  • binoculars
  • trollers, prams, baby carriers
  • folding chairs
  • beds, towels
  • compact cameras
  • cigarettes, electronic cigarettes
  • headphones
  • go pros
  • napkins
  • hand sanitizer in small containers and wet wipes
  • raincoats
  • hats, caps, bandanas, armbands, scarves, shawls
  • lipsticks, make-up
  • phones and chargers
  • sunscreen
  • sunglasses
  • empty glass or cardboard glasses at the entrance
  • medicines, insulin, asthma spray
  • smiles, noisy laughter


  • tents
  • sleeping bags, blankets, pillows, isoprene, self-inflating mattresses
  • canned food, drink, water


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  • rollers, bicycles, skateboards, hooverboards
  • cameras, professional or semi-professional cameras, drones
  • bottles, umbrellas, bulky luggage
  • selfie sticks, flags, laser pointer
  • chains, sticks
  • sharp objects, knives, weapons
  • flammable or pyrotechnic materials, sprays, fireworks, fumigants
  • vuvuzelas
  • water, food, soft drinks or alcoholic beverages
  • prohibited substances
  • any objects and actions that may cause fire or endanger the integrity of other attendants
  • commercial, advertising activities
  • demonstrations, rallies of any kind
  • share of leaflets

*The organizer may decide to allow access to the festival area to persons whose health condition requires the use of some of the mentioned objects and can prove this through documents issued by the practitioner or family physician.


  • camping stoves, cylinders, fuel canisters
  • access by car to the camping area
  • campfire




From the moment of entering the event, the attendant assumes and will comply exactly with the Regulations.

Attendance in the festival is at their own risk, the participants declaring that they are physically and mentally fit. Thus, people with mental or physical ailments for which crowded areas, loud noises, special sound, visual and audio effects pose a risk, take full responsibility for any damage they may suffer by attending the festival.

The Organizer will announce in advance the hours of the concerts within the Festival.

The schedule may be modified for independent reasons or at the will of the Organizer, without the notification of the Attendants and without them being able to request reparation for any damage thus suffered.

The organizer reserves the right to change the music program, in the sense of the schedule, in the sense of the order of the artists who will perform on stage and in the sense of minor changes in the announced artists. In case of modification of the music program, either by the will of the Organizer, or due to external factors, the Attendant has no right to claim compensation or refund of the price of the ticket purchased.

The Organizer makes no warranties regarding the length of the Festival entry process or the availability, content, quality and quantity of Festival programs and services, and explicitly excludes the refund to the Participant of the Ticket / General Access Pass price or the granting of a subsequent discount or payment of damages, compensations or compensations of any nature, in this context.



Each person must present an access ticket to the campsite. There are two types of camping tickets: caravan access tickets and tent access tickets. The organizer does not provide caravans or tents.

The camping area will be open one day before the start date of the event and one day after the end date of the event.

The car access to the camping area is prohibited. They will be able to be parked in the specially arranged space, located at about 100 m. The positioning of the tents in the camping tent area and of the caravans in the caravan camping area will be done exclusively according to the organizers' instructions.

The camping areas for tents and caravans are fenced, guarded 24 hours a day, illuminated at night, equipped with toilets and showers, power stations, free WiFi and sports field. There will also be grill areas and dining or coffee making facilities. Area 1 of the tent campsite is about a 4-minute walk from the festival, in a beautiful natural park. The caravan camping area is adjacent and has a capacity of approximately 100 units. Not only a location that offers the necessary facilities for a comfortable stay during the festival, but also a community, a playground for young and old, full of life, but civilized and orderly at the same time.

We recommend that the cosmetics and hygiene products that you will use during your stay in the campsite be organic or biodegradable in order to affect as little as possible the ecosystem in which we will carry out our activities.

Because being in a tent involves certain rules of coexistence, both with others and with nature, please be open and approach each situation that arises with understanding and compassion.




The food products can be purchased by paying cash / card directly to the merchants authorized by the organizer, whose stands will be inside the festival area.

Alcoholic and soft drinks will be purchased by paying with chips from the bars inside the festival. Chips are purchased from points of sale specially designed for this purpose inside the festival area.

The sale of cigarettes and alcoholic beverages to minors is prohibited. The organizer and partners of the festival have the right to ask any participant to present their identity card attesting their age.




Urgent problems can be reported to the organizers through any nearby security guard.

If there is a person who endangers the safety of other participants, causes discomfort or whose behavior affects the smooth running or pleasant atmosphere of the festival.

The Organizer has the right to cut the bracelet of that Attendant and to escort him outside the Festival, without being allowed access and without the person in question being able to claim any compensation.

For situations that require medical assistance, the festival provides emergency interventions with the help of medical crews, at ambulances located near the festival area. The organizer will take all the measures imposed by the state authorities in the field of health or will allow the representatives of the competent institutions to take these measures.

During the festival, visitors are asked to supervise their belongings and personal belongings, the organizer assuming no responsibility for lost items. Of course, to the extent that such objects are found, visitors are asked to take them to the main bar, located next to the tent that houses the second stage of the festival. The organizer will communicate their finding through the Facebook page and will make the efforts required by the situation to return them to their rightful owners.

Entering the festival with valuables or leaving them in the care of others remains the sole responsibility of the owner. The organizer does not assume responsibility for their loss, damage or alienation.

The lost and found objects will be handed over at the information desk marked on the festival map and will be kept in that place until last day of festival.



Access to the festival implies an implicit agreement to appear in the photos or videos taken by the organizers, contractual partners, members of the press and other participants. The organizer reserves the right to image the entire festival, unlimited time, geographical location and form of use. The Organizer may record, use, copy, distribute and publicly distribute these recordings repeatedly for marketing and advertising purposes.

The Organizer and the persons authorized by it have the right to make a profit, to use in order to promote the images recorded on the occasion of the Festival without the Attendants raising claims in connection with their recordings and publication.

Attendants may not sell or use for free for commercial purposes voice and image recordings featuring artists or other festival attendants.

The organizer reserves the right to establish areas with prohibited filming or photography.

In case of violation of these restrictions, the Organizer is entitled to confiscate the device and delete the records.

According to EU Regulation 679/2016 (GDPR) you have the right of access, rectification, the right to obtain data deletion or restriction of processing, the right to data portability, the right to object, the right not to be subject to a decision based exclusively on automatic processing . To exercise these rights or if you consider that your data are processed differently than in accordance with the applicable incidental legislation you can address a dated and signed request to the address or you can contact the National Authority for Supervision of Processing Personal Data. 

We recommend that you read the full version of the REGULATION. (click here)