Berti Barbera & Nicu Patoi


Two “anti-star” atypical artists, Berti Barbera & Nicu Patoi have reunited in the studio, the result being Blue Drops, the duo's 5th album, perhaps the best acoustic blues product ever in Romania so far.

An album about which the well-known music critic and television man, Mimo Obradov said: 'Today I listened to the best blues album of the year. The sequence of the songs, the musical arrangements, the interpretation, the irresistible pulse of the rendered feelings and all the other... GIFT! Yes, sound production was perceived as a gift. Accuracy, vibration, the naturalness of the acoustics, which makes you feel the wood starting with the trunk, the twisted and polished metal of the harmonica, the chest, the cheeks, the lips, the teeth, fools you as well as the non-intrusive, subtle, hypnotic rhythm. Bravo! Nicu Patoi, Berti Barbera & Victor Panfilov. You certainly got the blues. Drop by Drop.'

'An exquisite pairing of acoustic Americana, Jazz and Blues influences with a European artistic sensibility. Rich textures, sensitive dynamics and powerful vocals make the album an essential listen and the act a must for festival bookers and art centres across the continent' - Giles Robson

'Blue Drops is a wonderful album that visits historic blues and jazz styles from the 1930's to the present, but does not merely copy those styles. Berti Barbera and Nicu Patoi sound totally fresh and authentic in their approach to these classic styles. With great playing and singing, it's a really fun and totally entertaining album from start to finish!' - Bruce Katz