A new loaf of bread from a vintage oven. In this case, the oven is the Blues and the bread is the result achieved by Alexandru Cismaru, Adrian Tetrade, Alin Neagoe and Alexandru Matei.

Don't be frightened by the statement "The band started in 2019". The boys have been singing for a long time. Even for a long time, if we refer to Adi, Alin and Alex Matei, with whom it is possible to have some television memories. They are experienced people and instrumentalists, connected but open to new challenges, especially when the challenges have an ascendant in the Blues. Alexandru Cismaru is the newcomer in this ecosystem, arrived in the Văcărești Delta from the Missi... Delta, oops... the Danube Delta :) with a lot of dedication and optimism in terms of music per se, but also with musical ideas close to the blues, but rolled through funk, rock or soul.

The end of spring 2020 was supposed to bring a first Bluemans disc, but the only things on the disc were the brakes pressed to the maximum by the uncertainties that mark this year. This does not mean that the record material is not in progress at the moment. And so are the boys' internal engines, which are eager to get to know you and really do what they know best, where they know best! Brezoi, we hug you and see you soon!