Rares Totu's Midnight Sun feat. Aminda


Midnight Sun was formed in 2008 as Rares Totu Blues X-perience’ having Rareș Totu, Cosmin Farcaș, Paul Baciu, Hanes Radu and Irina Creangă as members. They had numerous appearances on television and participated in most of the local blues and jazz festivals: Sighisoara Blues Fest, Suceava Blues Confusion, Brezoi Open Air, Cluj Blues Fest, Clover Fest, Ploiesti Jazz Festival, Miercurea Ciuc Jazz, Freedom Blues Festival Tg Mureș, Peninsula to name a few, but also at festivals in Bulgaria, Hungary or Austria. In 2019, together with vocalist Aminda from Cluj, they represented Romania at the European Blues Challenge in the Azores, ranking 4th among 28 first class bands from all over Europe.

Rareș Totu is the only romanian guitarist who won the title of guitarist of the year in two different countries, Romania (1987) and Hungary (1992). A member or collaborator of the groups Compact, Semnal M, Rodion GA, Progresiv TM, he founded Trans Express and appeared on 3 of their albums in Hungary and Austria. He collaborated with famous artists from the country and Hungary, Germany, Austria and the USA and played in the opening of several important bands such as Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, Iron Maiden, Winger, Animals.